Monday, November 8, 2010


11.08.2010/pencil/Dragon palace

11.08.2010/pencil/turtle submarine

These are part of production designs for my thesis based on Korean folk tale.

The palace is located under the sea but my instructor, Chris, said doesn't look like place to live.

He suggested me to add fishes and something like seaweed stuff to illustrate the palace under the sea. I totally agree with his opinion so I'll fix it.

Regarding turtle submarine, Chris and my classmates seemed like design. However I don't really happy with it so I'll fix the shape and add funtional details, and inside design.

Overall, I enjoyed to design this kinds of stuff. This is really challenging for me cuz I've never design the props or buildings before. I found it's not really different from character design in terms of how to develope. So far I like my design.


  1. oh~ I really love ur designs. the turtle looked awesome!! I don't know how to design the building so I shouldn't give any common, but so far, the dynamic shape works for me a lot. adding some fishes and bubbles, even draw it on a saint with small stones.

  2. Junny! thank you for feedback!! I posted some drawing because of you. I think you are only one who visit my blog. haha! The palace design was infected from Gaudi and style was influenced by Nicolas. I studied his book. anyway. always thank you for visit my blog and give me a feedback. haha!